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  • La Grande Mademoiselle-$120

    This beautiful 3 combed hair piece is named after Anne-Marie-Louise d'Orléans, duchess de Montpensier. From Paris, France (which was this beautiful piece's original home) who was known for loving lavish and extravagant items. This piece was plucked from a thrift shop only blocks from where here childhood home once stood.
  • Mary- Kate & Ashley-$25

    These colorful yet cute hair clips are perfect for prom, ring dance or a nice add on to any flower girl or bridesmaid. While these are not from such exotic places as many other pieces here, they definitely are nothing to pass by.
  • Princess Lenor-$85

    This princess was not lavish, she was a hunter & a farmer. While she had people to do this for her in 1538 she still preferred a life of fulfillment. Except on her wedding day she was said to be one of the worst brides in Spanish history. She had the royal "jewel maker" remake her veil comb 16 times. This beautiful comb is a fun, modern and not so expensive version of hers.
  • Queen Elizabeth-$125

    Th lady this is named for needs no introductions, while she never married or had children, it was rumored she wore the fanciest of things to flirt with the men (& women) in her court. However this pieces fairly resembles the fashions of her mothers time, not her own. Still a great accessory for any princess.
  • Isabella of Castile-$100

    Another eccentric 3 comb hair piece plucked from the obscurity of Europe. Named after Isabella of Castile who was once Queen consort of parts of Spain. She had some very famous children & grand children including but not limited to, Catherine of Aragon & Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor of Spain. This piece mirrors Isabella's front & center crown jewel piece from her very own wedding day in 1469.
  • Lady Juliet-$95

    The last of the Europe collection, this 2 combed hair piece is based off a fictional story of woe between Juliet & her Romeo. These flowers are identical to asters, which liter the country side of Verona, Italy.
  • Eva-$50

    This Beautiful Vine hair accessory sadly, comes with no story. Its perfect to pair with any braids, or side styles. Its great for that classic bo-ho bride look.
  • Marie Antoinette-$65

    Another lady who needs no introduction, as her famous saying that got her beheaded..."Let them eat cake" be careful what you say to your guest on your wedding day! This lovely lady was simple, not to big on accessories but ALWAYS wore a single feather in her hair. This beautiful single comb reminds me of just that, a single feather with a large statement. Perfect for any special occasion.